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Groundhog Day Redux

I am probably not the only one who wakes up and does basically the same routine everyday. Everything is more pronounced because of quarantine, the volume is loud and often quite monotonous. I then have my husband clean and pack my wounds twice a day, slathering various ointments and potions on my ever changing booty, it’s moods sometimes like an emo teenage hurricane, neither Accuweather nor The Farmers Almanac can predict the wild nature of my nether region...I am picturing some weather person from the news reporting on the status of my butt yet trying to duck the picnic tables and 10 foot ocean waves as they keep the populace up to date on the progress or lack there of. My low grade fevers continue though I do feel a bit better everyday so far, it is like slowly walking out of deep water against a strong current with the progress slow but proceeding forward-ish. Nothing is certain except for the fact that we are here right now, I have a million talks in my head to myself about all this and more. I told my body that it is time to heal for reals, the cells must settle down, I have learned my lesson...

What lesson(s) have I learned?

I have learned that I am loved, that it is okay to be open to receiving the love and support of those who care about me. I have realized that though I truly have enjoyed my career as a Massage Therapist, I never really made it sustainable in the long run for myself and even when my body (finally) corrects itself🤞🏻 I can never work as much as I used to and that is okay. I have also realized that having a partner who will attend to my heinous wounds, let alone stay with me through this sometimes really dark journey is not something to be taken lightly or to expect...I hit the jackpot on this one for sure, I just want to make sure he gets through this intact as well.

My continued hope is to look back at this and be grateful I made it through to be able to do some cool things again and to travel and have adventures...I mean “Adventures” IS in the title of my blog.

Thats all I have tonight.

Until next time ❤️

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