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Finish this before the edibles kick in!

I forgot it was Thursday before I popped those two THC laden gummy’s into my mouth about 30 minutes ago😳 Hang on!

I received immunotherapy yesterday after convincing the nurse practitioner to give me 3 more anti yeast pills. I was bummed to find out that she knew nothing about the trial my oncologist brought up in a note relating to getting a CT scan. It was fairly uneventful except for my brief hysterics concerning not wanting to make an appointment for a pelvic exam until after I tried the fluconazole to combat my goopiness one more round. This may seem like a ridiculous response, I mean I have no problem showing my butt like a baboon in a zoo but I was mishandled by doctors when I was a teenager and I have some extreme anxiety around these types of appointments, not to mention, radiation can cause issues, this is something I am afraid to delve too deeply into… Even so, I agreed to make an appointment if this round didn’t do the trick. I may be a bit of a coward sometimes but if I have some time I can get brave and do what I need to do eventually.

Two days until Xmas, I am planning on making beef barley stew in a crockpot on the day, I am looking forward to hanging with Charles and later our friend who we have spent the last few Xmas holidays with. Not super exciting or eventful but it’s nice to just be goofy together, my favorite.

May you have a lovely rest of the week whether or not you celebrate the holiday!

The gummy’s are DEFINITELY kicking in, ha!

Until next time❤️

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