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Best laid plans…

When I wrote my last blog post I was looking forward to seeing my husband read from some of his writings in public 2 nights in a row but alas…

A goofy picture from last weekends adventure with our friend as well as voice actor and World Air Guitar Champion Rob Messel who read the fantastic voice over in Charles’ movie “A History Of Worry.”

Friday morning my regular home health nurse who I usually see twice a week took my temperature “It’s 99.0” she eyed me with that concerning nurse look. “Fuck that thing, it’s wrong, do it again!” She did and it was 98.9 “See, it’s always wrong.” She took my blood pressure and it was 100/50 “That’s kind of low, you need to rest today.” I assured her while rolling my eyes that I was fine. Once more I got the look and she was on her way. I drove Charles to work as the plan was for me to pick him up and go straight to the book reading venue but I felt a bit tired, sure my nurse had cursed me as

I put on rain pants over my pajama pants instead of getting dressed like a grown up, a sign of what was to come.

At around 3pm I felt hot, had an ear and headache and was sweaty. Sure enough I had a fever and it was 100.something 😳 a temperature that is not so bad for a cancer free person but I have to watch out. I drove to pick up Charles and took myself back home, I assured him I would be fine and sent him to his first reading. I felt really crappy and to top it off I had a cough from all the damp here and my rib was torqued but I was determined not to go to the hospital, this could just be regular body sickness or at least nothing dire, (trust me, nobody wants to go to the hospital on the weekend.) I took two Tylenol and really started sweating (that’s what Tylenol can do) I lay down on the floor with my feet on the ottoman while “We’re Here,” a fabulous reality show with drag queens who change lives in small towns, played on the TV and I fever dreamed for the next few hours. I awoke awash in sweat, my shirt and the rug soaked from said goo. Feeling gross I changed my shirt and took my temperature, it was normal thanks to the Tylenol, if the temp hadn’t gone down that’s when one must hasten to the ER but I could do this. Long story short I was not well the next day either but better than the previous, once again missing Charles’ reading. Sunday I was feeling better, the fever low grade but then normal and I felt pretty good by the time I woke up today, how dramatic my body is, ha! At least this time there was a happier ending for once.

I talked to my middle sister today, I haven’t seen her for two years. It was really nice to connect. She herself has health struggles, everyone thinks cancer is the only thing to worry about when they are healthy but even more challenging are the diseases or disorders that aren’t as studied and because less is known about some conditions there can be issues with western doctors taking someone seriously. I guess one of the lucky facts about what I have is that everyone seems to be doing it so it’s acknowledged by the authority…Healthcare for profit really keeps us stunted as a society in my opinion…Well, among other things. I have been paying too much attention to our country and how broken it is. I am actually really worried about violence because of the crazy division but I am trying not to sink too deep into it. It’s a struggle.

The “Pug Monster Gallery, A Very Unscary Coloring Story Book” is finally finished, formatted and uploaded to the printer. I really like what we have done, I hope someone else does too!

Until next time ❤️

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