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Deep into week 3 on RSO protocol and I am still high 😳 though I am having more lucid moments than in the first two weeks of this experiment. This level of alteration makes it hard to write one blog post yet alone write said blog twice a week, though I am able to talk and form real sentences finally, I want to fall asleep right now and I haven’t even taken my 3rd dose today...

Okay, I just woke up again.

This is the long stretch of highway in the part of the metaphorical road trip that seems like forever, like that portion of road in Wyoming that warns of no gas for 100 miles right after the idiot light goes off for the first time. This morning I had a taste of sobriety before I began dosing again, a moment of clarity felt good and hopeful, I almost didn’t want to start taking RSO again but if I were to stop now I wouldn’t know if this could have worked or not in killing cancer cells. Everyone knows someone or someone who knows someone who has been cured by something seemingly ridiculous, I would love to be that “someone.”

I have compared this cancer journey to an ultra marathon which it really is but I am not sure I could keep this up without the support of all of the people in my life. From cards or sweet gifts in the mail to meal deliveries, bills being paid, private messages and encouragement that appears when I seem to need it most. For those of you reading my words, thank you, it all helps. I hope my experience can help you if nothing else.

I got the last drain removed on Tuesday, this seems to have allowed my butt to feel a bit better though I have recently noticed the neuropathy in my lower cheeks, it’s weird to be numb in my undercarriage, if I was a dude I could insert a numb nuts joke but alas, I am not, so no obvious dad jokes in this portion of the conversation.

I am back to working on making a coloring book available by this October, stay tuned!

Until next time ❤️

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