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A dash of creativity with a sprinkle of cancer

Updated: Mar 24

I just finished my 60 second air guitar edit yesterday and I really like it! Than again I always like my air guitar edits and even take pride in them. Silly as this hobby is I find that getting my brain to work in such an abstract way helps me be creative in other areas. I think about my music and routine like pieces of a puzzle, it can be a fun surprise when everything that didn’t seem to go with each other just fits. A weird piece of raunchy art that you can see, hear and sometimes taste, ha!

Before I have a concept I put my music on random shuffle and go about my business with it playing in the background, it is like an auditory slot machine when I hear a song that gets my creative juices flowing, I can almost hear the jackpot bells. Once I have a direction my brain will continue spitting out scenarios for my routine, often until the day of the competition, it is not unusual for me to come up with something weird hours before I go on stage.

It took me awhile to get to this place, a few years to find my groove but I found it and doing these kind of things really makes me happy. Even in the thick of all of this cancer drama air guitar fuels my somewhat deficient tank.

The moral of this story? Find what fuels your tank and do it! (FYI this message is NOT for serial killers.) Also...If you are in Portland on April 3rd, come to Dante’s and experience the ridiculousness for yourself!

Side note: I had my last radiation treatment yesterday and have been doing pretty well though I am hitting a wall as I type this and need to rest for a bit, too much excitement over my edit success clearly. I have to remind myself that when I feel better it is okay to do things just not ALL of the things.

Until next time ♥️

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