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What a crazy almost 2 weeks for a person who just over 5 months ago was basically couch bound. I think about this a lot and my mind has a problem calming down to the possibility of this new found energy being my normal now…What is the expiration? I think about the movie “Awakenings” and what they find out is a temporary window of conscious existence as the patients who had been catatonic for years enjoy life again in an active way only to sink back into that same catatonic state once again to never return. I realize that our lives are temporary but having the option to do more life feels fun to me, I am not ready to go to my eternal rest just yet if I don’t have to. Unfortunately I can’t skip ahead to find out how this plays out so onward I go, ha!

A fun project I have to look forward to is choreographing and performing in the pre-show for The US Air Guitar National Championship that is happening in Portland at Dante’s on July 16th! I decided not to try and win my way to competing on the National stage again, not that I don’t want to but it feels like a lot this year with the current political climate and pandemic status, not to mention the slim chance of me winning, I would want Charles to go to Finland with me and that seems a little more financially irresponsible than I should be right now…Though I would find a way, I don’t want to put that on the table sadly…I hate being responsible 🙄 I however am very excited to represent my city to anyone that isn’t leaving it in July! This was a last minute decision to schedule the show here on 7/16 but for those that can make it, there will be no regrets, this will be a fun show and I am happy to be able to add a little spice to the event. I am not sure I could have done this last year, not to the capacity I want to.

Here is a reminder of what a pre show that I have choreographed looks like, of course this was pre cancer diagnosis but maybe you want to see if I can do it! You won’t know unless you come see in person…Unless there is video but live is always better…I hope I see you there.

Until next time ❤️

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