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This too shall pass unless I do. I am joking…Kinda.

An emo title by an emo girl...Okay, older menopausal woman but truthfully age ain't really anything but a number. I will ask people far older than I am and it's the same, yes, there may be aches and pains that didn't used to be there but the inside feeling often does not match the reflection in the mirror.

I feel better than I did last week but I am still nervous to hear what plans my clinical trial team has in store for me when I go in on Wednesday. I had to see the eye doctor today, a different one than my usual one who I have to see because of the trial. Cataract surgery is imminent but because of all of the way older than me people needing the same surgery I am at the back of the line, so basically I am not going to see very well until Spring...I will have to keep tipping my glasses on my face to correct my vision enough to drive or see the TV or details on someone's face, at least I know I will see again if I make it that long. That's kind of a joke but also a worry, nobody can really know how much time they really have but some of us have the volume turned up to WTF and "Who knows?" because of our blatant issues.

I think our furnace might be broken too...When it rains it fucking floods sometimes, ah well.

I did start working on a mosaic for a friend, it is inspired by the show "Wednesday" and is coming along so far.

I told the eye doctor I needed the most competent surgeon because I am an artist, ha! I like to pretend I am at least, fake it until you make it.

Until next time ❤️

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