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That time I had a volcano on my ass

Last week was not great. I felt crappy, constipated and fevery. The other day my right butt cheek felt tender but I blamed Pilates and my lack of muscles for this pain, I mean, I JUST saw my surgeon and was proclaimed abscess free.

Fast forward to this Saturday...

My sleep had been terrible and I had full body rocked all night trying to calm my nerves and get my gi tract moving. Finally I popped half of an Ativan and got a little sleep. When I woke up my butt was extra spicy and to the touch it felt like a tiny mountain had grown on my posterior. I looked in the mirror and indeed I had a mini Vesuvius on my right ass cheek in the divet left by my CT guided drain that I had a couple years ago. Thankfully I have my former Wound/Ostomy nurses personal number and we texted her a picture. She suggested I put a warm compress on it but I decided to make a clay, turmeric, coconut oil poultice and slap it onto my mini mountain. It worked quickly to open up the abscess and relief was felt after the syrupy sludge oozed out of me. I am now on antibiotics unfortunately but at least I feel better for now, what a drag.

This was not what I pictured December to be this year so far. Though I am worlds better than the previous few years it is almost more challenging when I get knocked down with things like this AND of course I would get put on antibiotics during egg nog season 😳

Hopefully my health continues to improve from here. I am definitely feeling better than last week. I will also make a concerted effort to get in the spirit of the season, I love this time of year, I want to enjoy it.

Until next time ❤️

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