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Some people brew beer, I brew abscesses 🙄

It is not completely certain but it is most likely that I am brewing a Mt. Vesuvius in my body once again. My wound care doctor and my wound care husband both think so. Funny thing is that this is happening on my left side (opposite of last time) and seems to be potentially working its way toward my other CT guided drain scar...I picture my posterior like the awful tunnels in the cinematic story "The Decent" and the gore that runs through those tunnels are representative of the horrifying creatures in that movie as they squeeze their way to the surface, only in this premiere they perish when they break through...At least I hope so.

The Decent is a really scary movie about women spelunking in a cave system that is not on any map and then of course they run into humanoid creatures who want to eat them in the worst way. Charles watches this movie to relax 😳 This is one of the few movies that actually scared Charles's cousin who actually wrote the movie "Critters" and who was barely ever scared by other movies.

I personally do not like the idea that I have a cave system in my ass that resembles one of the movies that terrifies me but it's what comes into my mind... At least it's not "The Shining" 😬 I think that image will evolve when I finally get on a treatment that takes me to a better level if my wounds start to heal and the cancer ebbs. It's a thought, a hope.

Between laying down because I am (yawn, so lame 🙄) tired, I finished my mosaic window and started working on another piece:

I felt decent enough to finish up one project and continue on another, though I could feel my energy draining as time ticked and I stopped when I needed to lay down. Old me would have kept going but I am trying to change my former patterns and inclination that I had to keep going until I was done or feeling sick from the cold seeping up into my bones from the basement floor.

I will be creative when and as long as I can, it makes me so happy and isn't that what life is all about? I mean we don't want to be maniacally happy 24/7 but bursts of joy are important, especially when there is a lot to be worried about.

Now I am going to full body rock for a bit to help get this goo out of me.

Until next time ❤️

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