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Cancer is interesting. Of course the big “C” word is also horrifying but really, it’s not a virus or a bacteria, of course there are tons of theories as to why cells in our body would suddenly go crazy, perhaps a perfect storm of all the right/wrong things, a mix of pollutants, stress and emotional trauma, who knows? What sticks out in my mind is that these cells are mine and they decided to succeed from the union and start their own fucked up country.

I believe the body can heal itself. We have all seen our bodies do this miracle that we take for granted, consider a nasty cut or scrape, it can look pretty bad but give the body time and the wound will completely be gone. This being said, yes, we are talking about cancer but it can and has been done, let’s see what happens.

I have fallen asleep a couple of times as I write this, the chemotherapy I believe, has knocked my butt out today. I don’t feel bad, just incredibly tired and lazy. In these moments I find I am always checking in with myself “Is this the chemo?” I think it is but cannot help a residual guilty feeling that I am so exhausted for seemingly no reason except the treatment. Even “baby chemo” is chemo, right?

I will continue to remind my cells to heal. This is my work, though from the outside it just looks like lethargy, trust me that inside is far busier. I better sign off before I fall asleep again.

Until next time ❤️

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