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PLEASE come back tomorrow (and an announcement!)

Hey there! It's Kara's husband, Charles. Thank you SO MUCH for following THE ADVENTURES OF KARA PICANTE! It's people like you who help us to keep moving through this trying and chaotic journey.

The last several weeks have been exceedingly tough. Two weeks after her last visit, just hours earlier, Kara had to go the Emergency Room again, this time for swelling around the eyes and neck. Hopefully, she can get some sustained sleep tonight. I think it's safe to say, though (knock on a LOT of wood) that she will be back tomorrow to deliver her weekly Tuesday blog post.

In the meantime, I have an announcement! In the coming months, I am going to release a book compiled from Kara's blog! It is truly phenomenal that she has published over 300 blog posts since she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and I want to put her thoughts out into the world in book form. The book will feature a selection of carefully curated posts, plus some unpublished content, including poetry, lyrics, and art. I am going to run a campaign for it on Kickstarter with add-ons. My question to you is: Could you give me a little guidance about what keeps you reading her blog (other than to make sure she is still alive, obviously!).

I've inserted a poll below to get the ball rolling. Alternatively, you can leave a comment below or message me at or through my Facebook or Instagram accounts. Any thoughts are appreciated. I have a lot of material to sift through and I want to produce the awesomest omnibus of stream-of-consciousness Picante possible!

Which would you like to see in its own section in the book?

  • Slice of life

  • Difficult times

  • The gory details

  • Reflections on creativity

No sweat if you're not sure what to choose above or say. Thank you again for checking in!

Until next time (hopefully tomorrow),


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