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Updated: Jan 10

I am still in a holding pattern, though preferable to those “Holy crap, the shit is hitting all of the fans at once!” kind of times, I find myself restless. My butt crack, better than the most acutely painful days, still throbs and burns at times, encouraging me to lay as still as possible as to not rock my own boat. Behind my eyes it’s heavy, a side effect from dosing myself 3x a day with RSO (cannabis edible), the amount a little bit more every day. I am not as high as I was initially and I have been awake most of the day, which is an improvement. There is a stigma that goes along with pot, especially amongst the boomer generation, which is understandable, the anti marijuana propaganda throughout the years has been scary and confusing…Anyone remember “Reefer Madness?”As a child of the 80’s I remember the fried egg in the pan, your brain as a drug addled frittata. I didn’t do any illegal drugs until my 40’s, when I did my mind was immediately changed regarding cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms, these are not drugs but are medicine and unlike the very legal yet very deadly opiates that are prescribed way too freely, will not kill you.

These in between times makes my brain itchy, I think too much and accomplish very little externally, I like to believe I am effecting change inside of my body, visualizing my healthy cells vibrant and glowy. What else is there to do when the body is buffering?

If my ass wasn’t on fire I could do other things but I believe my body has different plans now that it has my attention constantly.

I get my CT scan next week. I plan on continuing the RSO, I can’t wait until I build a tolerance to the medicine, the protocol states that this takes 3 weeks…Wish me luck!

Until next time ❤️

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