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No fevers! Well...Not so far.

I just realized I forgot to write my blog post last night, this would be the first time since I started writing the blog that I dropped the ball, not a bad run.

After getting home Friday night after 4 nights in the hospital I literally haven’t had a fever 😳 not a low grade fever either which had become my normal nightly pattern. A couple of weeks ago I had told my body that it was time to let this cancer shit go, I had asked it to heal itself and looked forward to Spring to feel this. Imagine what I thought when I had a raging fever and had to check into the hospital on the first day of the new season! Maybe this is one of the “worse before it gets better” situations...Hopefully.

I can definitely say now, after being home a few days, that my body feels improved. This is where you start to wonder why, is it because of the massive amount of antibiotics? In this case I start to worry about what happens when I don’t have to take antibiotics anymore...The mind fuck is real and like someone who is serially battered, I can’t help but worry a little that this is just temporary. At this point I have to remind myself to enjoy the small victories and to stay in the moment, isn’t life itself just temporary? I have to tell myself to enjoy this, the outcome is finally different than it has been, at these times it is important to note any progress or relief from discomfort and pain, to realize that I can feel better.

Let’s see how long I can feel this way.

I might vacuum!

Until next time❤️

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