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My butt hurts…Surprise🙄!

Honestly it IS a surprise my butt has been extra spicy this week, I even had a fever yesterday. I am hoping my abscess surgery scheduled for next Friday will clear up my incessant oozing. Gross, right? Imagine being an eternally dripping faucet where the faucet is inside your pants.

In my massage practice it was common that my clients would say "My shoulder felt pretty decent until last night..." I always told them that just because that shoulder wasn't complaining before didn't mean it didn't need attention. I feel like my body is noticing the countdown and is like "Ummmmm, yeah, please deal with this situation, we are tired of being chronically moist." I am taking this as a sign that I am making the right decision, let's hope so.

I am a little concerned about the medical staff in the hospital. Covid and the villainous desire by insurance companies and hospital CEO's for more profits is creating an environment that is very short staffed and stretched thin. Remember before the Affordable Care Act was approved and people were afraid of "death panels?" 🙄 This is not that but not having enough people to attend to the patients creates an environment that is a bit sketchy. I feel for the doctors and nurses who are just trying to do their best for us. I admit to wishing my own ailments onto those who stand in the way of true healing, though it is with the caveat that if they learn the error of their ways, they will fully heal. I know that's mean, I mostly don't wish what I have been through on anyone but I do know that sometimes personal experience is the only way people learn, this has been very true for me, though I would never deny care to someone over some bureaucratic bullshit.

I am looking forward to working on music this weekend, hopefully my butt stays stable enough to be able to rock out for a few days with my husband and brother-in-law.

Until next time ❤️

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