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Musings from a radical and totally tubular leftist.

In the continuing saga of “These Are The Butts Of Our Lives,” my chemo was put on hold due to a brewing infection...I haven’t taken so many antibiotics since I was a kid. I can’t help but think the rage that I verbally unleashed at the joke of the presidential debate playing as I listened from my infrared sauna, didn’t actually crawl up my ass and make things worse. Dramatic as that sounds, stress does kill and this political shit IS stressful.

My husband wishes that I wouldn’t spend as much time watching or reading things that make me crazy but even given that, I have to pay attention and do what I can to help the causes that I believe in. If you didn’t know, the current administration is looking to destroy The Affordable Care Act and replace it with some vague “better and cheaper” plan with assurances that pre-existing conditions will be protected...I am not sure about you but destroying a plan that is currently covering 23 million people without having a real plan to replace it does not make me feel good at all.

The divide in our country is truly depressing, to be completely hated based on ones political party is ridiculous but it is happening everywhere. Our own president retweeted a video that said “The only good democrat is a dead democrat,” which is only one example of the hate speech that is being spewed all over the place 😳 I am technically a democrat, though I don’t think that defines me, but really?! Here is my question: Why would someone want to kill all democrats? It seems really extreme to want to kill a party where the majority of the people want positive change, as in the end of social injustice to name one thing...What does that say about someone that gets so over the top mad about that?

Ask yourself why these last 4 years have been so divisive, why is there so much hate? Families are being divided, people are being attacked and worse. Do we not all have the same basic needs? Are we all that different?

I made a video regarding my thoughts and feelings in regard to the impending election, I will share it at the end of this.

Until next time ❤️

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