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Make America Not Hate Again

I actually got to leave town for a few days! We hauled the dog farm 100 miles to Astoria, Oregon to visit with Charles’ brother, sister-in-law and biological mother. It was nice to be near the water and connect with family who we hadn’t seen in way too long.

I used to live in Astoria back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, it was interesting to experience it in these crazy times, between Covid and political division our country is a mess. The bay is the same, cool air breezing off of the water. I didn’t put on shorts to go out once. The day after downtown Portland was invaded by a couple hundred or maybe just a hundred though I have heard reports of 1000 (perhaps moderately inflated numbers) of Trump supporters, shooting paintballs and assorted pepper and bear spray at people and creating their own brand of ruckus including having one of their own tragically killed, people held a smaller version in Warrenton and Astoria, it made me angry.

I just have a hard time understanding why we are so divided as a country. Truly, don't most of us want the same things? Donald Trump has lied from the very beginning but it seems to be true what he stated in the early stages of his campaign when he said he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any voters. That statement is probably the only truth he has ever emitted from his anus shaped lips. It truly bummed me out to see people who I believe are probably decent in most ways, sit on lawn chairs waving for honks to their bullshit Trump signs “Save the children” Certainly they dont mean the kids on the border, what other kids would Trump be saving, his own? If you believe that he is secretly taking down child trafficking rings... I wish this were true but I think you might be completely and entirely wrong, or “Thank you vets” What does Mr. Bone Spur have to do with vets? He certainly didnt give a crap when Homeland Security bullied the ”Wall of Vets” at the Portland protests or beat up a veteran just for trying to talk to them AND he called John McCain a loser for being a POW, a fellow republican even...What a jerk.

I am also weary of the tit for tat arguments, the finger pointing at past presidential transgressions, it is all just bull shit and diversion tactics. It is a way for people to try and feel better that they are in support of a hate mongering, narcissistic white supremacist loving misogynist. Even if you are a one note voter and you are anti-abortion or pro Wall Street, if you support our current president and administration, you support hate and the destruction of our country in the worst possible way, I actually don’t love saying that but I believe it is true.

We are not great right now, we will not be great again if our country continues down this narrow, hateful path.

We are more similar than some would like us to believe. Question those that spew forth hate and divisiveness. Question authority.

Is this still a free country?

I really don’t like feeling this way and I want everyone to be happy and at the minimum, get their basic needs met and not worry about getting shot for not being white, that’s an important one.

Until next time ❤️

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