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Late but I am gonna do my best

I still haven't slept a wink in 3 days. This is not an exaggeration. I was given steroids to get even more swelling down and it has worked BUT...I cannot sleep, therefore I cannot think, meaning I am not really able to give you my whole story the way it happened. I will still do so (hopefully next week if I can get my brain cells back.)

I feel better now that I can breathe, and to be able to eat because my throat isn't swollen is a gift. I lost a few pounds struggling to survive through this side effect. The medicine helped get rid of rectal tumor but it didn't stop my liver tumors from having a party, not cool man, I don't even drink. I think the longer I took the pills the allergy intensified, now I think my issues breathing was from that more than my anemia. It makes sense to me now.

If all goes well I will start a new trial on the 18th. This is an immunotherapy and my doctor is very optimistic about it, as am I. Due to having mono vision, only my left eye cataract was fixed (waiting for next surgery on other eye set for the 16th) my brain is already strained. If I can get sleep I will know how my body really feels, I am in such a weird place right now.

Last night my brain kept writing songs that I just sang and I can't remember them. I think they were probably pretty good but we won't ever know, I was like Jim Morrison before he grew out of his stinky leathers and pickled his mind in whiskey. OR maybe it was like that Family Guy Episode when the parents thought they were really amazing singing while stoned but actually were awful and couldn't tell because they were too high...

Next week I sign consent for the trial and go through all the tests. Maybe by Monday I will be rested and can fill in all the crazy bullshit that has happened that I can't write about right now because I haven't slept and I can't quite keep straight. We can hope.

Until next time ❤️

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