Hyperbaric water weenies

I started the hyperbaric chamber therapy today and boy was that weird! It’s a little daunting voluntarily putting one’s self into a clear coffin filled with 💯 percent oxygen knowing that it is possible that you could spontaneously combust…I mean, it has never happened at THIS hospital but the nurse DID say that some 3rd world countries have had incidents 😳 The therapy actually promotes regrowth of capillaries in tissue that has been damaged by radiation thus promoting healing. If my wounds heal AND my wrinkles go away, it’s totally worth the risk 😬😜🔥They talk about the therapy like it’s an actual dive and as you are “traveling” the pressure increases until you reach the appropriate “depth.” My guts felt like I was being mildly squished, the intestines reminded me of water weenies, “squish, squish” was actually audible, the sensation was not unpleasant but it was a little unsettling. I can see why someone would panic, I had a little anxiety but I kept it at bay as I kept swallowing to pop my ears during my “dive.” Once the chamber was fully pressurized my ears stopped popping and I could focus on the movie I picked, “Bourne Identity” not the best film to watch if one is already mildly on edge, though it didn’t stop me from ultimately dozing off. I have 59 more treatments, I really hope it helps.

I finally got to be on stage this weekend! When the video is ready I will post it. There were technical difficulties due to the production crew not loading my music but it got sorted out, ha! Lucky I am good at being an ass on stage in order to entertain a crowd and a crowd it was 😳 My hussies were fabulous and ultimately we started the US Air Guitar Nationals in a great way, I am so happy I was able to be a part of a show again…It was a dream.

Charles and I posing in front of the venue Dante’s in Portland, Oregon.

Mid pre show, me and The Hussys

There was also a really cool article in the Oregonian profiling me and my story and how it relates to air guitar if you want to check it out!

Charles and me the day after the show hanging out with some of the air guitar community . We’re still exhausted.

That’s all for tonight.

Until next time ❤️

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