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Ho, ho, ho…

My dog Cooper hasn't let me dress him up in years but it's cold today and his usual attempts to thwart me have seemed to disappear. I feed him outside for potty reasons and when I retrieved him after breakfast my poor old man was moaning as if to say "W-w-w-hat t-t-t-ook you so long?" The wind has been brutal and promising an impending ice storm which sounds like it is starting as I type this. I remembered my basket of dog clothes and just happened to pull out an old Santa jacket so......

My mood is improving this week. I participated in a solstice ritual last night and literally felt the weight that I had been hauling around peel off of me, a relief. I did another ritual, one in which I wrote 13 wishes on paper and placed them in a jar and starting Xmas evening I will burn one a night without looking at the wish until the 13th night, that wish I will look at and be responsible to make happen. I love these kind of rituals, it feels like church but in a way that holds more intention and less fear for me. I feel no judgement in this, no impending retribution and my soul is intact. This is what I feel is magic and though I have witchy tendencies I don't think I am one...I wish I was though, I tried really hard to be one as a child, "Bewitched" was so inspiring, especially for cleaning a room...No matter how much I wiggled my nose my powers failed to come, oh well.

I hope everyone that reads this is staying warm, not feeling the obligatory holiday pressures and fed and loved in some way (self love counts.) We are never truly alone even if sometimes it feels that way (mushroom wisdom.) I hope you feel some magic too.

Love to you.

Until next time ❤️

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