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Gettin’ it from behind.

Face down, ass up is not the way I like people to have conversations about me or more specifically the wounds in my gluteal region. I go to a doctor run wound care clinic to keep any potential infections at bay and to monitor healing progress, it's a bit of a drag. Often there are new nurses who do the initial ass-essment 😜 I get vitals taken, answer medication change questions and things of that nature. More often than not there is confusion as to the exact number and locations of my wounds (right now I have 3 but I have had more) and because no one charts the same I turn into a live action "Operation" game only I am laying on my belly and instead of a buzzer I am trying not to lose my temper. I have noticed that getting older has also made me a skosh more agitatable... Not sure that is a real word but it should be, add the fact that people are talking about me like I am a cadaver on a slab 😕 Honestly, I know that most of the people in the medical world are well meaning and genuinely want to do a good job but it is really disconcerting hearing two people discuss what they think might be a wound and how they believe it should be charted and describing the vast tunneling that is occurring in said area and then forgetting measurements that were just taken or which exact hole was what exact size and asking me questions that could be answered by glancing at my chart (nobody looks at charts 🙄) I was just really annoyed even though this is nothing new. After having this new to me nurse say that my butt looked unhappy the doctor came in, one that had observed my last surgery and said "Wow! Your butt looks great!" I wanted to cry that felt so good. This is why it is nice to do this kind of care with people who get to observe the issue on a regular basis, it's all about perspective. Of course if you see something for the first time that is both the best and worst you have seen it, there is not the experience of longer observation and when you have an issue like mine that has gone from blue skies to emergency abscess surgery in a matter of days 🤷🏻‍♀️ I guess I am trying to say to not make out loud assumptions and observations in a way that can alarm or agitate someone, especially when you don't know the whole story.

I had a clinical trial appointment on Tuesday and I am a little anemic again, I am hoping it is from my latest abscess that came and went. Other than being a little more tired my labs were still pretty decent, I seem to continue to be stable.

My old pug Cooper is laying between my legs as I write this and I think I will follow his lead this evening, I have a weariness that feels a bit like a hang over and I just want to sleep.

Until next time ❤️

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