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Feeling restless yet?

As I have been pretty sick on and off for the last year, being sequestered in my home was no big deal. I totally get it if that is not the case for you. The novelty can wear off pretty quickly, kind of like the end of summer when I actually wanted to go back to school, at least for a week or so until I had worn all of my new outfits...Priorities!

Of course there are plenty of projects one can take on, I have countless ones I can do now that I am feeling way better physically BUT I can’t get myself to do any big ones, not yet at least. I have read a few articles that talk about lack of motivation being related to grief and sadness, that could be, there is a lot going on and a massive amount of fear being hammered at us on a hourly basis. I had to turn off the push notifications on my phone for my news app because of this, I do not need a minute by minute count of the infected or dead, once or twice a day is enough thank you. I suspect that when this is over there will be a shit ton of new hoarders, agoraphobics and germophobics. Good news Mental Health Workers, your jobs are secure!

I can say that fear is useless but I am not immune to the collective anxiety. What helps me is to do something creative, not that organizing my closet wouldn’t be rewarding but I do love to focus on the seemingly useless yet soul nourishing activities, it is fun to make things or just play. When was the last time you sang without harsh self judgement and just for the enjoyment of it? I like the stories that I have heard of communities singing from their balconies or porches. I believe this time spent in our own environments can be an opportunity to discover new things about ourselves and our sequester buddies or rediscover old interests.

There is also nothing wrong with just relaxing and recharging. This will be over soon...Well, sometime...If this had happened 20 years ago we wouldn’t have all the streaming entertainment options or virtual conferencing apps, you don’t have to physically touch to be connected anymore, though I do understand the quality is not as good, please know there will be hugs again.

I made a video the other day that I posted to my social media that I will share here. An example of what I do with my time. Don’t forget to laugh, humor is the light in these somewhat shaky and dark times.

Hang in there ♥️

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