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Attitude Adjustment.

Updated: Mar 24

I have been doing a lot to pull myself out of the murky water of depression I was floundering in, one of which has been mindfully setting intentions for the life I want to live. Things have been markedly better since I have been doing this. Earlier this week I was tested regarding my new habit. If you are not familiar with intentional manifesting the key is to project that you already have everything that you want and to reject an attitude of lack and negativity. There are many ways to do this and tons of information on the internet so I won’t fill this post with a tutorial but it’s pretty simple if you want it to be.

The Test: Recently I went to a new eye doctor, or doctors as there are two at this practice. I needed to get Progressive lenses and my prescription is crazy expensive in just single vision but the sticker shock when I was quoted the price hit me hard “I just don’t know how long I will be around.” I blurted out😳 Not my finest moment and this was before I started actively manifesting for reals. The staff and first doctor I saw were really kind and encouraged me to price check a few other places and I paid for my appointment and left. I discussed what had happened with Charles when I got home and he talked some sense into me, I deserved to be able to see properly, as silly as that sounds I had to be reminded of that. This was the moment when I decided I needed to change my attitude and actively pursue a different way besides preemptively throwing in the towel. A few days later I received a text “Please make an appointment to get your glasses fitted...” The same optical place sent this to me and I was confused. I texted back “I am confused, I haven’t bought glasses yet.” In return I received this message “Oh, my apologies, I thought you knew. The owners are gifting you a pair of glasses, just come to our location on Sandy...” This filled me up with a complicated stew of battling emotions, I have a tendency to feel like I don’t deserve this kind of generosity. I paced back and forth physically and mentally and then decided to accept the offer. Fast forward to Tuesday of this week, I had a follow-up appointment to see how my trial contacts were working as well as picking up my new glasses. I told the doctor that I was super grateful and felt really special and she replied “You are special.” I fought the urge to say “No, I am not.” I left with the glasses on my face, due to the crutches because of my sprained ankle I had to have Charles chauffeur me to my next appointment, a pedicure gifted to me by my good friend. In the car I had taken off my glasses in order to pop my contacts back in again in order to be more comfortable with my mask. When my toes were finished I asked my friend if she wanted to see my glasses, yet when I reached into my purse they weren’t there. I looked outside, retracing my path and did not find them, checked with the other businesses in the proximity and tore my car apart...They were nowhere to be found. My first inclination was to do my best Nancy Kerrigan impersonation and “Why me?” into a space of lack and martyrdom, the thought “I don’t deserve anything nice” floating on the tip of my tongue and then I stopped... The number one rule of manifesting your best life is to know that you already have it, so I applied this to my missing glasses. I calmed down and felt confident that they were not lost but only waiting to be returned to me. I placed an ad on Nextdoor as well as Craigslist and posted on Facebook after I had looked at all the found ads. A half hour later there was an ad posted on Craigslist that popped up right after mine. The time stamp was exactly the same and this is what it said:

My heart lifted and I sent a message with my phone number. In the morning I had a text message from a strange number “I have your glasses.”

I get that anyone can look at my story and think it was pure coincidence and that’s okay but to project a life that flows in the right way, that’s just what I am going to do. Lamenting what I don’t have or what I feel the universe has done to me is less fun than imagining a better future for myself, so why not? It’s a little bit like tapping into the magic of being a child and not understanding limitations, it helps to fuel my fire and keep me in this body as I heal it while looking forward to an unexpected future.

Until next time❤️

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sera faery
sera faery
23 apr. 2021

oh my gosh this is the sweetest story of manifestation and grace, I love it so much. that is my definite weak spot when it comes to losing stuff, I take something off in the car and set it on my lap, something small and light like cotton gloves, a mask, earrings, GLASSES (I have lost all of mine and also need to get new ones so that I can take contact lens breaks from time to time), I forget that they are there (this is exacerbated if I have extra things to do with my hands so I imagine crutches was a huge factor for you) and I absently get out of the car and they tumble away onto…

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