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Anemic says what? What?! Oh yeah…what.

Jeez, you don't know how important your hemoglobin is until it is really low...I feel like the floor is lava and I only want to lay down on literally anything, even the lava. The smallest task is monumental as my heart wavers on the beat and my breathing is a bit harder. Even holding this IPad in order to one finger type is pushing it for me right now and I still need to clean the bathroom of our Airbnb. That being said I feel better in other ways and I am hopeful.

Yesterday I was at the hospital for my clinical trial for 11 hours, this was for regular tests and observation as well as an iron infusion and extra fluids. I struggled to stay awake for a lot of this and napping is not my normal inclination. A nurse who happens to share a first name with me woke me up for vitals by gently rubbing my back. We talked for a bit as I came to and she told me that people who participate in clinical trials are a special kind of hero. This was nice to hear but I asked her what other choice did I really have? "You think that because of the kind of person you are. Not everyone chooses this and you are helping so many others." At least there is that, I tell myself that no matter how this plays out, it will be worthwhile in some way...I am truly hoping for a win/win though.

*Side note: If you choose not to go into a clinical trial that is a choice you make for whatever reason you have and I respect it. Sometimes we don't have anything else to give, sometimes we just get tired and sometimes we are just done. Science will still plow ahead.

I still have to do my taxes 😬😳🙄

Until next time ❤️

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