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I am in a new clinical trial and this time my oncologist is excited about it. This last one was a place holder and I developed an allergy to it...Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing the hate fuck child of Axl Rose and Mickey Rourke 😳 That was me yesterday, my throat so swollen I could barely eat. Not cool man. I had a CT exam yesterday which showed that my rectal tumor was stable but my liver was up to no good, not cool man, I don't even drink. That being said, my oncologist put me in a new trial and if all goes well I start immunotherapy in a couple of weeks. I feel good about it.

My aunts spent the weekend cleaning up my backyard, it is going to be so nice. I just want a sanctuary in my backyard and it's been pretty trashed since we built the ADU. My energy feels a bit better today and I got hooked up with new ostomy gear. So far May is looking up.

Until next time❤️

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