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We interrupt this program for a brief announcement

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

I need to take another quick break from cancer, colostomies and adventures to say something

Amidst the coronavirus, BLM protests and general setting of our world on fire it is hard to know what the right thing to do is. I have heard a lot of talk about stepping back if you are a person with an absence of color so that people of color can have the floor. I thought about not writing my blog for awhile, stepping back from social media posts, dimming my light so that others may shine brighter as hokey as that sounds. I think this is a time in our lives where we can finally make room at the collective table for anyone to have an opportunity, that there shall be no limitations based on the color of your skin...The fact that more melanin can determine how a person is treated is completely ridiculous and if I was all powerful I would make a decree to abolish such nonsense.

Unfortunately my crown got lost in the mail and I cannot force anyone to stop hating because “I said so” but I can at least try my hardest to not be a part of the problem and to recognize and correct it if or when I am. I promise to keep my eyes open. I am making myself learn history that I never knew existed. There is a lot of latent shame that is being processed, that being said, nothing will change if white people bury themselves in a self loathing bunker.

We were born into this, we can change not repeat history going forward if we stay vigilant, I truly believe that.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program...

This week is my 5/6 chemotherapy “Sparkle Infusion” and still my symptoms are minimal. My husband Charles put me through another workout this last Sunday and I feel good, I am getting stronger and feeling more vital. If you are going through cancer treatment I encourage you to find ways to supplement the western medicine in a way that will support you. This can look different for everyone but find what resonates, I really rely on my own intuitive sense, the body will tell you if you can figure out how to listen. We approach the excercise in this way as well, having cancer is challenging enough but building strength with an ostomy is a game changer, you just have to be careful. I read an account of someone with a colostomy who wanted to do pull-ups but who ended up with her intestines flowing into her bag because she wasn’t as mindful as she should have been...I do not want that to happen, ha!

That’s all I have today. I will attach the video of the latest workout.

Shine bright and stay awake!

Until next time ❤️

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