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There’s a turtle in my butt and it’s not what you think

I saw my surgeon today for my 3 month check up. My sleep was really bad last night, probably from anticipation of more concerning news...I am so tired of news that isn't good (let me be a baby for a moment) I can acknowledge that last year, though not perfect, was a relief from the previous few years and this makes everything heavier like the feeling of weight in my poop shoot, an indication of my tumor growing, I was informed. This news is not a surprise but I like to be wrong regarding my concerning theories, sometimes it sucks to be right.

I am on a mission to raise my low albumin levels, this is important when a tumor is feeding off of your nutrition, it's a little bit like being pregnant in a nightmare kind of way. My low bar is 60 grams but am shooting for more. I am having issues swallowing solid food, I believe this is more an anxiety response, which I have experienced intermittently since my 20's. The majority of my protein is going to be liquid, I can do this. I probably need to start mushrooms once again.

My new clinical trial starts in 2 weeks if all goes well.

My mosaic is close but my energy level has been low making it hard to finish this project in a timely manner...Hopefully by next week.

I will keep trying.

Until next time ❤️

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