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The river has rapids

I have said that navigating this cancer adventure is like walking through a dark forest or riding down a river, both are true and are full of potential disaster and setbacks. This weekend was a bit stressful for me, my fever shooting midway into the 101 range at one point. Something was happening in my body and I am not sure exactly why. Sometimes when I get chiropractic adjustments my body can get fevery, this is not necessarily uncommon in normal people but I always wonder if it is some tumor issue popping up, I just can't help that. Every now and then I have blood coming out of areas that nobody wants blood to come out of and that happened two different days. You might be able to imagine the horror of finding blood in your pants that you don't expect to be there. Pre-cancer diagnosis me might have panicked a bit, this is not to say that peri-cancer me (not sure that's a real term but let's pretend it is) doesn't get concerned, I do but I also don't want to go to the already strained beyond capacity hospital unless I really have to.

When I get a fever over 100.6 I will take a Tylenol and if the fever goes down I will not go to the hospital. This is my rule I came up with after being strongly urged to go to the ER for a fever and having to wait for hours while people couldn't figure out what's wrong with me...You know, besides the obvious. If a fever goes down after taking a Tylenol then I am not septic and am probably okay, not that this is exact science but it's what I do. The blood was a little more concerning but it seemed to be older, gunky and not bright, so I decided not to completely lose my mind.

I take a cannabis edible almost every night so I can sleep but last night I was mildly worried I was bleeding out unbeknownst to me, that I was going to die in my sleep, I kept thinking that I had to remember to intentionally breathe or I would stop. I don't usually have anxiety when I eat my special gummy but last night I did a little, luckily I have experience talking myself off of figurative ledges and I woke up this morning to start training for my new part time job.

I am almost finished with my mosaic, I will post the picture next post.

Until next time ❤️

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