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So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

I saw my oncologist on Friday and it wasn’t so bad. It was my third appointment at the hospital last week, which would have been horrid enough in a non Covid-19 quarantined world. My doctor came into the exam room dressed in full sterile gear, including a mask and a face shield. I was surprised when she stepped close to me and said “Your CT scan was not so bad.” Her eyes looking into mine in her straight forward no bullshit kind of way. She was optimistic, yes my liver tumors grew slightly but considering I hadn’t done chemo since mid December she felt decent about my progress and strongly encouraged me to sign up for sparkling infusions with a slightly different cocktail. As of right now I will continue my treatment in 3 weeks.

Initially when I was diagnosed I thought “The cancer will be gone by next year.” When I was approved for disability payments (if you have cancer in your liver, chances are you will get approved for disability/Social Security without all the struggle that usually comes with the process), the letter stated I would not get a check for 6 months. I really thought I wouldn’t need it by then but was grateful I had it just in case... I think Lloyd Christmas and I might have been separated at birth, I am always shooting for that chance no matter how small that chance is, (meant to be spoken in a Cher voice from the movie Clueless: “Statistics are SO 5 years ago.”)

Though the latest information regarding my health was not exactly what I wanted to hear, like my oncologist said “It wasn’t that bad.” So now what do I do? I guess you will just have to tune in next time to find out.

Here is a video that Charles and I made that is a sequel to “Butt Hard” and is inspired by the virus and my latest experience at the hospital.

Until next time ♥️

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