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Please buckle your seatbelts, it’s about to get bumpy.

I guess the universe didn’t get the memo...I have cancer, I don’t have time for this horrible shit!

(Record scratch proceeded by a booming voice which sounds a lot like Morgan Freeman...)

“Dear Kara, nobody has time for your cancer, the “horrible shit” that you are referring to needs to change in order for our country to potentially heal the wounds that have been festering. Do your part or leave the party. Sincerely, The Universe”

Message received Universe, I will see what I can do, at the very least I will try not to make things worse, deal?

What a crazy time we are in right now. It is legit scary, our country is being turned into little war zone pockets, policemen who are sworn to protect their citizens are causing serious physical harm to those same people while the rest of the world watches, some with horror and others with excuses as our president Tweets childish insults and hides in a bunker behind a cyclone fenced wall as the government is failing us. Yes, I know there are good and bad people on both sides, of course I don’t think all cops and politicians are bad... yadda yadda, raspberry sound.

I have noticed a couple of trends, one is that of self projection and the other is self flagellation, neither is helpful. There is lots of yelling, literal and social media wise. We are in an energetic shit storm, Hurricane Mr. Angry Hanky is just off of the coast and ready to shower us with lies, guilt, misdirection and Covid-19 round II with a side of hepatitis... Okay, maybe not hepatitis, I got a little carried away, sorry.

Can we just agree that this system is horribly broken and it needs to change? This would benefit everyone, nobody needs to take their toys and go home, there is room in the sandbox for everyone.

I am getting my 4/6 sparkling infusion in the midst of the chaos this week. For the most part I feel pretty good despite everything. My birthday looms, it is a big one, I wasn’t sure I would make it to 50 this time last year and now we are in quarantine as the world burns, so much for going to karaoke.

I have much to celebrate even though everything feels heavy and uncertain right now. I am still alive and I feel relatively good.

Keep hanging in there, we can do this.

Until next time ❤️

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