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One more time for those in the back…Our work is never done until we are.

Updated: Oct 10

Of course this is just my opinion as a human and a body worker of 20 years but seriously, there is always something that we can improve, shed or work through. I have been doing pretty well but due to some emotional hole I accidentally stepped in, my rib seized up so hard I considered calling 911 because I thought it could be a heart attack. It was really bad but I was able to eventually get myself on my heated massage table, pop an Ativan and chill my body out. Thankfully I already had an appointment with my chiropractor the following day (today) and after some amazing adjustments that released some sadness and tears I feel tired but so much better. The body is so much more than a vehicle we live in, it holds trauma and does more heavy lifting than just the physical. Healing is so much more than a prescription for pharmaceuticals, annoying as that is. No pill or surgery or modality fixes everything no matter what anyone says. So on I go, working through my layers, I hope you do too.

I saw my surgeon today. He looked so tired, I think the life of a surgeon is not all that healthy if you think about the hours and the stress. Even though I worry about the words that may come out of his mouth, I do really love this surgeon, he does his best for me. It went fine, he detected no abscesses or tumor creeping out of my wounds and asked me if I felt the same. He said "I trust you to know your body." This was nice to hear though I felt a little scared by that...I mean I don't always trust me, I did go three years adjusting my life to deal with symptoms that turned out to be cancer eventually, ha! Though the preparation I did made me able to withstand the gauntlet, I truly believe this. When people get mad that a loved one didn't go to the doctor soon enough, that's just not fair. There is no guarantee a proper diagnosis would have been given if someone had gone to the doctor as soon as they had a twinge, life is just not that simple. "Early detection" is no guarantee of anything and those that believe that are just wrong in my opinion. I get that someone might not agree with me or even get mad at me saying that but honestly, I have heard stories of early detection where someone is relieved and cancer free because they caught it early only to discover 6 months later that they have said cancer everywhere. This is not to be alarmist at all, my point is that there is not necessarily a definitive right or wrong way in these matters and sometimes if things are too easily contained maybe people don't change anything...I believe disease is a message from our body to work on our shit and evolve. Too many want to hold on to what they know and are comfortable with. The healing comes in the hard parts. Again, just my experience and opinion, I could totally be wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️ It is a choice not to evolve and this choice is neither good nor bad, it just is and that's okay too even if it makes me a little crazy...If I could just buy the world a Coke 😜

This life is a literal choose your own adventure book and I wanna make it an interesting one.

Blah, blah, yammer, yammer, ha!

Until next time ❤️

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