Now we wait.

I listened to the confirmation call for my 3pm CT appointment for the next day “Please check-in 75 minutes before your scheduled appointment so you can drink the contrast beverage…” 😳 Why on earth don‘t they make appointments 75 minutes earlier instead of risking people showing up on their exact appointment times that are scheduled?! I asked and the young woman just smiled nicely and made no comment to my (most likely) unoriginal question. I drank the colored beverage, they had added a flavor to cover up the pool water taste and I waited as I watched some cooking show where contestants compete against Bobby Flay as I lay on my side with my feet in Charles’ lap. I was called in an hour after I had consumed the contrast, poked 2 times more than I had wanted to be, scanned and sent on my way to wait to see my doctor next Wednesday.

About the waiting I feel neutral and I have no idea what that means. I am just going to go with the feeling, it’s better than being wracked with anxiety.

I convinced my oncologist to let me stop taking the antibiotics that I have been ingesting since July. She was having me take them to protect me from potential abscesses but I don’t see a way that I can de yeast without taking a break. Now I must stay away from sugar, bread and excessive carbs, a feat that was impossible over Xmas, though I was very conservative with my choices. I really hope I can get this situation resolved, it’s already challenging for me to embrace my sexy without being a mobile cottage cheese dispensary.

I will see/talk to you next year. May our time here on this planet get better instead of dumpster fire worse. I am going to hope for the best!

Until next time ❤️

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