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Nausea…It’s what’s NOT for dinner…Blergh

Feeling nausea is the worst. I have not been able to eat enough lately, not for lack of food, this is an immunotherapy side effect or a RSO side effect OR BOTH 😳 Anyway, it’s the new issue in my life that I have to figure out how to solve, fun 🙄 and did I mention the constipation?! Anti-nausea medication can cause this…Sigh…. I talked to a friend who is a Nutritional Practitioner the other day and one of the things she suggested was to drink chicken broth and so here I am, trying to make up my protein on the back end and with sips.

We just came back from Astoria and visiting with family which included jamming with my husbands brother who is a legit musician! I am really going to try and make the bass work for me, play and learning should never stop until you do.

I was officially inducted into the US Air Guitar Hall Of Fame this year, a fact that I would proudly put in my LinkedIn if I cared about LinkedIn, ha! My acceptance speech was blubbery and Zoom is hard for me, its challenging to feel the audience when you can’t see them nor hear them. I want a do over speech, if I film one I will share it here.

If I can get ahead of this nausea 🤢

I honestly feel pretty decent otherwise and am hoping to get a handle on this soon.

Sorry for being a downer, these issues arise and I feel it is important to be upfront about how I am really feeling, I just don’t have the capacity to shove any of this under the metaphorical bed. Being a downer can be just as crappy as nausea so don’t worry, I will not move in and live in such a place for too long, if I can help it.

Until next time ❤️

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