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Updated: Feb 3

I made up a cancer joke...I think I probably do not have a future in stand up.

We got to spend time with friends this weekend! A couple of years ago, that would be cool though not really notable but these days it feels like a miracle. Everyone but me was completely vaccinated, (I got the “okay” to be around them all from my oncologist.) Of course my chemo symptoms snuck into my left foot and made it difficult to do any walking but luckily one doesn’t need working feet for hugs.

I am feeling pretty good despite the left foot feeling like it is on fire and even though I am experiencing some effects from the most recent radiation... Picture different colors and chunks of tumor coming out of various holes in my undercarriage. When I see what my body has spewed forth I am equally grossed out and fascinated, which is better than being terrified, it’s very similar to being a little kid assessing their monster boogers or ear wax. I feel like a mashup of X-Files and Matlock, I am always trying to make sense of the alien goo or black oil that I find on my various pads and bandages, always trying to figure out a culprit. We all have our hobbies.

Feeling almost normal makes me think practicing massage again is within reach but it is important for me not to rush in too fast..Patience is challenging, especially when I thought I would be clear of cancer in 6 months 🙄 Can you believe that it has been 2 years since my diagnosis and 5 years since my first symptoms started? There is no way to know when my body officially decided to over manufacture cancer cells but it has been a long period of discomfort and pain and I am ready to try something new...


On a different subject, air guitar is still happening and I have a chance to advance tomorrow night, the winners will be determined by the fans so if you feel inclined tune into 6pm PST and vote for your favorite!

Until next time ❤️

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