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It never ceases to amaze me.

Last Saturday I thought my dog Cooper was going to pass. This little pug mix is 16 years old and walks around like a retired stunt dog, we call him "Evel Coopnievel" for a reason, he just didn't see any issue with jumping off of the top of the deck into the yard, crashing full speed into walls or picking fights with 80Lb Australian Shepherd mixes...It is a miracle he can still walk. That all being said, I had noticed little Coop was having more problems than usual moving around and worried that he was starting to transition. When I took my little guy outside he was unable to walk very well so I held his tail up for support and BINGO, I discovered an anal abscess! Let me take a moment to point out the fact once more that I too have an active butt abscess, it is so interesting how our furry family mirrors and sponges our issues, I truly believe they feel it is their job to share our burden and try and heal us, I don't care how weird that sounds. Anyway, my vet told me about an urgent care that is not owned by a corporation and we took him there. It was a no contact drop off situation and when in the car, I have Cooper in a dog bed on the floor between my feet as this makes him feel most secure. When I leaned down to pick him up to give him to the tech I experienced a sharp, horrendous pain in my left side, very reminiscent of a rib torsion and it took my breath away. The sharpness eased but hiccups and sneezing were not fun for the next few days, also, I just felt emotionally drained and empty and I couldn't shake it.

I had an appointment with my chiropractor today and after the first adjustment I felt a rush of such heavy sadness that I started to sob and it was a relief. Our bodies carry so much trauma and emotion in them that can culminate in physical pain and disease. I have witnessed this time and again in others as well as myself yet it never ceases to amaze me. After 52 years on this earth I am glad I still can feel wonder and an interest in life. I came home and studied for a bit but then had to take a small nap. My body is still sore but it is not stuck like it was and the "meh" I was feeling this last week has dissipated into that kind of tired one feels after a really intense cry. Cooper napped with me, he is feeling much better as well.

Until next time ❤️

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