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In the meantime…

While I am waiting to be scheduled for a CT scan and potential immunotherapy in my future, I am left up to my own devices. As you may or may not know, I am a proponent of RSO aka Rick Simpson Oil which is a cannabis edible that was invented for the treatment of cancer. I have used RSO over the years for sleep and pain management but I have not actually done the official cancer protocol...Until now. “What is this protocol?” You may ask. Basically one must dose themselves 3x a day, upping the dosage every 2 days or so until a gram a day is reached and then continue on that dose through the 90 days that is prescribed. I was literally afraid to try this, the high can be significant but I watched a documentary regarding kids with cancer on RSO and the results were encouraging, plus a baby worked up to a gram a day 😳 If a baby can do it…

My butt crack is still recovering, it may take awhile to completely feel better. The excruciating burn is less and less, the stabs of electricity more random and less consistent, the angry gnome is getting tired. I have been fairly immobile all day, the heavy drag of this cannabis oil in my system makes me move in slow motion, the air feels thick as I get up to get water or let my dogs out. If my butt didn’t hurt I might feel a bit different, pain has a way of draining the batteries extra.

I am drawing however, so I am not totally out of commission.

Until next time ❤️

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