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I didn’t forget and neither did the nausea

Yesterday I woke up feeling for the most part…Normal 😳 That is until 10 am when the inkling of sick tickled the back of my throat. I took a nausea pill and it stayed away most of the day, once again claiming a seat at my proverbial table in the evening after a lovely visit with friends along with Fairy Hair. So, sorry for the delay, I felt a bit too barfy adjacent to write a blog post, so here I am, making it up on the back end.

I have stopped the RSO, a potential reason for nausea (there could be many culprits but I hope it’s this one.) You might think “But Kara, pot is great for nausea.” And you would be correct sometimes but the amount of THC I was ingesting can create a hangover like feeling such as what I am experiencing plus slowing down my intestinal motility causing a backup in my system, also a potential contributor…I am the Agatha Christie of my symptoms, this should all be taking place on The Orient Express, ha! Just like traditional chemotherapy, natural remedies can be unpleasant on the back end as well, so now I wait, 2 months until a scan.

The rain is here THANK GAWD! The music it makes as it pummels my house makes me happy, Fall suddenly has taken possession of the room as we are winding down on the coloring book I am drawing. Charles is writing stories for each of the characters in this new book, a fun project that we hope to get published before the end of the year. We are also practicing drums and bass, hoping to live out our long term goal of playing in a band, it feels like a real possibility if I can keep practicing. When not officially touching the bass, I listen to music and pick out the bass lines picturing my hand up or down the fretboard dependent on the tone, I hope I can do this.

Everything seems stable at this moment. Let’s hope for more of that and better.

Until next time ❤️

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