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Here I am, just doin’ it because why not?

Every month this year I have either been in the hospital for a few days or at the very minimum, getting a procedure due to my chronic abscess situation. I have to say, I am really getting sick of this pattern, staying in the hospital for any period of time is just not cool AND the food 🤮. I mentioned earlier that I have a new naturopath and a new plan. One of the treatments is called Phage Therapy, where I ingest a virus that eats specific bacteria. The bacteria in my abscesses are E. coli, I take this twice a day for 5 days and see if it helps. Check out this Ted X Talk about how one persons life was saved by doing this:

The therapy is really cool, especially if you are dealing with an antibiotic resistant super bug, which is starting to become a problem.

The other protocol that I am trying is a fermented soy beverage called Haelan 951, which sounds like a Sci-Fi movie that most certainly has aliens in it. The taste is...special 🤢 but medicine doesn’t have to be delicious to be effective and the testimonials are super encouraging so why not try it?

I saw my oncologist today, she told me the rectal tumor on the left side has shrunk but seems to have grown on the right side. I am being referred to radiation again, I was hoping that this wouldn’t be necessary again but here I am. My naturopath found a study where shark liver can help fortify the body during radiation, so I am going to add this too... So many things, it can be overwhelming but when navigating an illness like this I believe it is better to be proactive rather than just surrendering to western medicine only. I run this stuff by my oncologist of course, it is a dance and I want to give myself the best chance.

I am going to do my air guitar entry this week (if I am able...There is always a chance I won’t be able to get it done.) Hopefully I will come up with something and it will make someone laugh which is always my goal.

Until next time ❤️

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