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Apocalypse WOW!

This virus is nothing to make light of, however if you are not an essential part of the frontline solution but you want to do your part not to spread or get Covid-19 than you are going to be spending a lot of time at home. I have noticed a plethora of people posting their stir craziness on social media and it’s only the beginning. I have had my own experience of forced solitude for almost a year, though in my case the symptoms of my cancer and the accompanying treatments made it easier for me to surrender to the unknown and my couch, welcome, let me show you around, ha!

The good thing about this situation is that we are all in this together even though we must be 6’ apart. I understand that one can get restless, especially when we as a society are used to getting what we want when we want it, I am not immune to this feeling, I too am incredibly spoiled in regards to this. Daily I will think “I really want (fill in the blank)” and before this pandemic it was easy to pull out my phone, click on an app and buy my desire. Now I have to consider whether or not it is worth the risk because if I want something NOW I have to get it myself or get a loved one to go for me and yeah, I am one of those people that if I do get this sickness and it hits me hard, if they have to choose whether or not to save me I most likely will have drawn the short straw, what an awful position for not only people like me but those that are forced to make these kind of decisions.

So, I am choosing to limit my excursions, therefore walking the dogs will be my outside adventures for awhile, which is pretty cool considering I couldn’t even do that for months. This being said, I have some kooky friends as you might imagine a professional air guitarist like myself would have. This particular couple has themed days as they work from home such as “Pillow fort Friday” or ”Crazy hat day” and why not? I decided yesterday after going down the rabbit hole of despair and disgust in our government to declare Wednesday “Wig Wednesday” and you know what? It helped me feel better.

Our society praises being excessively busy. For all the years that I have been a Massage Therapist I often found myself explaining that for me working 5 hours straight in a day, 15-20 hours a week was hard work... What a waste of time to try and qualify this and who cares?! I loved what I did and I paid my bills, so really, what people thought or think about my work ethic doesn't really matter. Being busy for the sake of being busy is dumb in my opinion, it is a disease.

I know these times are scary and uncertain but really, all of life is scary and uncertain, we have just collectively bought into the illusion that it isn’t. This pandemic has turned the lights on in the theater and shown us the little trolls behind the curtain. So I propose to everyone to embrace this time, do nothing, learn something new, dance because you can, revisit old interests, clean the cobwebs off of the ceiling, catch up on 20 years of not enough sleep, don’t have a schedule for once, watch all of the TV, draw or do any kind of art or craft, talk to friends and family virtually or on the phone... Do whatever the fuck you want without judgment, just be. It is that simple. Should we be concerned? Yes, but try not to bury yourself in the horror. Stay informed but try not to get carried away by the fear of the unknown.

I invite you to dance in your kitchen, cook weird mystery pantry food and eat it in your pillow fort while rocking a wig, a silly hat or both. This too shall pass, whatever that means.

Stay well, wash your hands and for gods sake the 6 second rule does not apply to floor food anymore! Until next time ♥️

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