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AND I thought the cancer was going to kill me!

Updated: Aug 28

“Professional Terrorist”

If you are not aware, I live in Portland, Oregon. I was actually born here just blocks from where the protests are happening and though I lived at the Oregon Coast from the age of 5 until 13 I came to Portland every other weekend as per the custody agreement between my parents. So, you can see that I am a true native Oregonian as well as someone who knows and loves this city for all the frustrations and quirks, this is my home.

Donald Trump, our 45th president (whether you like it or not) just called the people in Portland “Professional Terrorists” 🙄 ALL OF US. Who knew I was so dangerous?! Maybe that’s why I have to flush twice when I pee for a week after chemo!

Don’t believe he would say that? See the link attached.

I actually have really wanted to go down to the 3 block radius that the protests are happening at but my husband outed my intentions to my oncologist and she strongly advised me against it. If we were in prison she would’ve threatened to cut this immunocompromised bitch. Not gonna lie, the idea compels and scares the crap out of me. Not in regards to the people of the city standing up for what’s right but in regards to the federal goons that are perpetuating more and more violence. I really don’t want to be hit in the face, that’s where these asshats are targeting, peaceful faces!

Social media has taken me hostage this week as I feel the need to explain to those who really have no idea but tout themselves as authorities regarding my home turf in a reasonable fashion which I admit sometimes devolves into me pretending I am talking to a bot and addressing them with “010100” and translating it to say something that will agitate, as real conversations with people who think for themselves seem far and few between. I am not proud of myself, though I did have to admire my sick burn as this one dude (who claimed he had family here and was spouting true lies) sunk to slut shaming me, I found it hilarious, if he only knew how far off he was, ha!

Portland Oregon is not perfect and neither are all the people that live here, but the majority of those here love this place and now that eyes are open, truly want to work towards justice for all ultimately... I mean wasn’t that in “The Pledge Of Allegiance” that many of us had to say in school every morning? Aren’t a lot of the people calling serious injuries on peaceful protesters “collateral damage”, upset that kids don’t say the pledge in school anymore? I wonder why if they don’t really believe it.

I read a hopeful article today delving into the confederate flag and “Black Lives Matter” and had a really good interaction online with someone that had some opposite opinions, it warmed my what was becoming, really sad and over burdened heart. I will share the mind expanding article at the end of this post, maybe it will warm your heart too. Also, in the event you have confusion about what “Black Lives Matter” really means, this article can help with that as well. It is truly beautiful and I dare you not to find it so as well.

I hope to write something not related to being a terrorist next week if I am not in Guantanamo being water boarded for having fairy hair and being into sage and essential oils. In the meantime if you want to know what’s happening there are people live streaming every night and it is real. Look for yourselves.

Hang in there! Until next time ♥️

(Here is the wonderful article. I challenge you not to be moved.)

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