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Absolutely abscessed with my butt

Welp, I was right about Vesuvius 2 erupting on my ass. I am still working stuff out but I feel better than last week. This morning I had an oncology appointment but I was assigned a nurse practitioner and not my regular doctor, unfortunately the conversation did not go well but I am gonna blame the full moon or some weird cosmic energy or my own delicate self for the communication breakdown...It didn't help when she started the conversation with "Your white cell count is high, why?" 😳 Dude, I don't know 😜 Could it be...CANCER?! It just rubbed me wrong and it gets really old having to explain to people how I interpret the signals in my body as well as trying to justify my interpretations of said signals. The Nurse Practitioner seemed frustrated with me and told me to stay in the exam room, told me she would bring my clinical trial nurse to me. My trial nurse came to fetch me and apologized for not being clearer about my case with the previous practitioner, they brought me back to the infusion room where I received my new pills and had my vitals checked several times for the current trial I am on (until I do something else.)

Last Friday the research team let me know that they put forth 6 or 7 trial options for my oncologist to consider and from those options my doctor picked two possibilities, both of which are terrifying but I need to learn more, which I will by the end of this week. I have said it before and I will most likely say it again...Living in between the decisions is awful, once I decide on a direction I will feel better regardless of the outcome.

I did my second day of training for my new part time job today as well, it was a welcome distraction. When I left to head home a sidewalk tent and all of the stuff surrounding it was on fire, it was surreal. I called my new boss and she was going to call the fire department...Was it an accident? If the fire was set on purpose, why?! It was 2pm and there were people around. Our world is so broken but I still have hope it will be fixed.

It was a weird day today, good and not so great and I am mildly exhausted.

Tomorrow I will work on art or at least my version of it.

Until next time ❤️

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