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Abscessed…Again, blergh.

I have been brewing something in my butt for a couple of months (who doesn’t want to say a sentence like that?!) My new wound doctor and wound care nurses took some convincing but now they also believe me regarding this upcoming situation. I am hoping for the bubble to burst through my skin like the last couple have and at times this feels like what may happen but then nothing but a gradual hardness presents in my ass, replacing what felt like normal butt tissue with a concrete like plot of real estate along my gluteal cleft. These backslides are so annoying. The doctor came up with a solid plan but now the other department who would have to intercede are being difficult so for now as I wade through hospital bullshit I will continue to try and coax the fluid out of me with apple cider and Epsom salt baths.

I am now in the third week of this IT Support program I signed up for. Now it’s more difficult and challenging my self worth…I will plow through and see what happens. My goal is to eventually be able to work a remote job so that I can pay off our debts, visit a Greek island and get another dog…I know, that one seems kind of dumb but as my pug Cooper fades away more and more everyday I feel the need to make space for another furry creature, preferably one that gets along with my Pit/lab Ruby Sue, she could use a buddy as well. Also…There are so many animals in need of homes!

I have to tuck Cooper into his bed and do more schoolwork so I am going to leave off here.

Until next time❤️

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