3 Gummys in…

Updated: Apr 29

I almost forgot to write my blog post BUT right after I ate my medicinal edibles I remembered 😉 What a week! Charles is just now back from Italy and some really good friends are visiting and staying in our apartment. Fireworks have once again caused our pit/lab Ruby Sue to huddle and shake in our basement and the THC is kicking in... I better make this quick, ha!

I have been struggling with dehydration these past couple of weeks, more of an issue when one has a colostomy. Side note: These are good times to make strawberry watermelon juice which is way more hydrating than a Gatorade. Other than not getting enough water into my system and mild butt wound discomfort, I am STILL feeling decent. We rent out an AirBnb behind our house, which my husband and I clean together. Since Charles was in Rome Italy having an adventure, I had to clean the apartment by myself twice 😬 I did it! A feat that would have been potentially impossible a few months ago.

Here’s a quick proof of energy video I made while cleaning. I do these performances to make people laugh as well as to prove to myself that I can still move in a dynamic way. Proof to what is possible in those times when nothing feels attainable.

Unti next time❤️

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